Lace Care

Caring for your Lace

Good Lace Care is extremely important for the lifespan of your closure/frontal/wig.  Each lace piece is hand knotted and the health of the lace determines the well being of the entire construction.  Although bleaching is very popular, as a premier lace store we do not recommend that the knots be bleached but that foundation be used to match the lace to your skin tone. If you wish to bleach the knots, please consult a licensed stylist to have your knots bleached professionally.

Lace/Silk Based product tinting is recommended for skin tone matching.

Once you receive your lace product in the mail we highly recommend that you seal the knots.  This will significantly decrease the amount of shedding which could then lead to balding areas throughout the lace.  Knot sealant can be purchased at any Beauty Supply Store or Online at Amazon and other retailers.

When washing your lace please be very gentle and avoid vigorous brushing and excessive rubbing.  We recommend that you use a wide tooth comb or a wet brush with a generous amount of conditioner when detangling while wet.

Ensure that your lace gets regular moisturizing via co-washing and oil application.

Do not excessively wash the lace as this could weaken the knots and increase shedding.

Wear a silk bonnet at night to ensure that the lace/hair keeps its moisture locked in and doesn't get snagged and ripped.

When storing your lace products be sure to keep it in a manner that will not contribute to over drying of the lace.

With the proper care your lace product can last through 2-3 6 week installs and wig reapplications over about 6 months to 1 year.

Wefted (Bundle) Hair Care:

It is not a requirement but we do suggest that you seal your wefts.

When installing or making your unit Do Not cut the wefts but utilize the fold over method and do not sew through the wefts as well.

Your extensions should be washed bi-weekly to remove dirt and oil buildup and to increase hydration.

Co-wash your hair in between full washing cycles for maximum results.

Use a heat protectant when styling with heat.

We recommend that to minimize heat application on the hair that flexi rods be used overnight to re-define your curls.

Use a leave in conditioner once after washing and apply a very small amount of oil daily.

Please use ONLY Sulfate/Paraben free shampoo and conditioner in the hair.  This will significantly contribute to the life span of the hair.  Other products may increasingly dry out the hair and eventually cause breakage.

Use a silk bonnet or pillow at night to keep the extensions from progressively drying out and possibly tangling.

If you would like to bleach/color the hair please consult a licensed professional.

FYI - All Hair Care instructions in this section should also be applied to the knotted hair on your lace products.


Your eyelashes can be re-worn several times but we do recommend that you wash them after each use.

Do not sleep with your eyelashes on because it can contribute to eye irritation and compromises the life span of the lashes.